10 Amazing benefits of Jumping rope

Benefits of jumping rope

In this article I will tell you all the benefits of jumping rope and why it is such a great choice of exercise. What will happen if you do jump rope every day? There are so many different options of workout that you can do to get into shape, going to the gym, running, cycling and swimming are all common options people choose.

However, if you are looking for a slightly different fun way to get fit and healthy then jumping rope is an amazing choice. Not many people think of this when trying to decide what form of exercise to do and lots of people can even view it to be a childish activity and not something for working out. Well, it is actually something that almost all athletes do as part of their training programs and It helps them get so into shape. How does it work? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some benefits of jumping rope

Burn fat and lose weight

30 minutes of jump rope burns significantly more calories than 30 minutes of jogging, and it has also been proven that 10 minutes of jump rope can be as effective as running an 8 minute mile. Jump rope is an aerobic exercise, which means that it uses your heart, lungs and blood vessels throughout this makes it extremely effective at burning fat and calories, and one hour of jump rope can allow you to burn up to 1300 calories. Amazing right? So if you want to lose weight from the comfort of your own home in a quick and easy way, then jump rope is your answer.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Due to jump rope being an aerobic exercise it really gets your heart pumping, which makes it excellent for your heart and cardiovascular health and fitness. It increases the volume of oxygen your lungs can take, which helps to increase your exercise capacity. Jump rope also helps people who are at high risk of cardiovascular disease due to prehypertension or high blood pressure, as it helps to reduce body fat and lower your pulse rate, which are both things that help to improve your overall heart health.

Improves bone density

Studies have shown that the best way to improve your bone density is by jumping up and down, which is, of course, the whole principle of jump. Rope strengthen your bones, which can prevent and lower your risk of getting conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Better balance and coordination

Another great benefit of jump rope is that it improves your coordination. When jumping rope you have to focus on two things at once: using your arms to move the rope and focusing on making your feet jump over it. As you keep practicing this, your overall spatial awareness and coordination will improve.

Furthermore, due to the little movements you have to make with your feet to get them over the rope and back down in time for when the rope comes back around, it can improve your coordination by making you extremely light on your feet. It allows you to be more conscious of your movements, keep doing jump, rope and you’ll be able to move as stealthy as a ninja in no time.

Lower risk of injury

As mentioned at the start of the video jump rope, is something that athletes from all sports do to help them keep fit.

Many athletes, especially tennis players and runners, are at a high risk of getting ankle or foot injuries. However, they want to avoid this at all costs, because a bad injury could lose them competitions or even their career.

Therefore, jump rope is something they do to help decrease their risk of getting these sorts of feet and ankle injuries. Jump rope helps this due to the fact that, as mentioned previously, it requires so much coordination of your feet that it makes the individual lighter on their feet and better able to move around on it in a way that isn’t going to strain or injure it.

Furthermore, jump rope helps to strengthen the muscles in our feet and angles, making them more resilient and able to cope better with stress.

10 minute beginner jump rope workout

Jumping Rope is Fun

Jump Rope is great because it is such a fun activity that can be done with friends. You can get a group of three people together to have one person on each end and then one person who has to jump over the rope in the middle. This is so much fun and it will make exercise feel more like a game than exercise.

It is also so fun because there are different ways. You can use a jump rope even when you are by yourself. You don’t have to just do the standard jumping over the rope with your arms either side of you etc. You can mix it up. Try crisscrossing the rope or doing double jumps or try jumping over the rope with one leg, trying this variety of moves helps to keep it interesting and means you are less likely to get bored with it.

Can be done anywhere

Jump ropes can be bought so easily from places like Amazon or even supermarkets. You can get one that is perfect for your height in the color and pattern you want, and then you have a piece of exercise equipment that you can take absolutely anywhere with you.

They are so compact and lightweight, so they are perfectly portable. You can take it with you on holiday to the park and just absolutely anywhere.

Improves mental health

jumping rope improves mental health

because of the improvement in coordination you get with jump rope from having to engage your brain to make sure you are doing all the things you need to at the same time, it can actually have some benefits to your mental health. The main way it does this is that it makes you better able to stay calm in stressful situations. It helps you to be more centered and to collect your thoughts better. So you are more able to assess a situation effectively and react in a calm, purposeful manner.

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Improves breathing efficiency

As jump rope is an aerobic exercise and engages your heart and lungs, It requires you to really focus and manage your breathing in order to get your maximum potential out of the workout.

Therefore, jump rope can actually significantly improve your breathing efficiency, so you’ll never have to take the lift again, and those stairs will seem like no issue at all.

Makes you smarter

Yes, you heard me right doing lots of jump rope has actually been proven to make you smarter. This is in part due to the improved coordination you get from it, which can be applied to so many different aspects of life, including in education. When you do jump rope, it engages both your left and right Hemispheres of your brain, which helps to enhance your sense of spatial awareness, your reading skills memory and generally helps to make you more mentally alert.

These are all things that can help you in all areas, and you will find your brain’s ability and capacity to be greatly improved. So there you have the top 10 benefits of jump rope. It is such a great activity that can get you into great shape and improve your health so much.

What will happen if you do jump rope every single day?

Well, you will notice a significant decrease in your body. Fat, your legs and feet will feel so much stronger and you will find that you have so much more stamina. You will also probably feel so much happier and calmer as it is such a fun activity to do and is a great way to do exercise without even feeling like you are. Working out will become less of a chore and you’ll be jumping into a fitter, healthier life in no time. If you like my content, please let me know in the comments section below


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