9 Best Exercises to lose thigh Fat


Funny name, right? Bur pees are one of the most effective fat burning exercises. They train every muscle as well as raise your heart rate to the max. If you are looking for an exercise to build strength and increase your body’s flexibility, bur pees are the best pick. They are fun, engaging and you won’t lose interest after doing a set. Wondering how to do bur pees? First, start with standing up straight. Your feet should be a shoulder’s width apart. Put your weight on your heels and leave your arms at your side. Now, let’s drop into a squat position.

Just go down by pushing your hips back while bending your knees. The knees should be in line with your toes. Next, place your hands on the floor in front of you. Your hands would be at a midway distance between your feet. Slowly shift your weight onto them. Now kick back and land on the balls of your feet. Keep yourself in a raised plank position. Do all this while keeping your arms extended. Make sure that your body forms a straight line, from head to toe. No slouching! Reach your arms overhead and jump. Land back, and immediately lower yourself into your earlier squat position. You’ve just completed a rep. Do at least 5 sets, and increase the number as you gain strength. Beginners can skip the push-up or jump step initially. This exercise can be a bit overwhelming initially, but it is worth it! You will build stronger legs, while burning calories!

Jumping Jacks

lose thigh fat with jumping jacksIf you are an active soul who is looking for an exercise with full-body movement, look no further. Jumping jacks activate various muscles in your body. Apart from burning fat, it also strengthens your legs, arms and core. It is also great for your cardiovascular system, as it stimulates the heart muscles. The best part about jumping jacks is that it isn’t just a great cardio workout, it is also good for building stronger legs. If you hate weights like me, jumping jacks are still one of the more effective exercises. Cardio = strength building. What’s even better is that your arms also get a good workout. Not to mention your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Here is how to do this exercise: Stand with your feet together and arms by your side Jump while splitting your legs slightly more than a shoulder-width apart, while raising your arms above your head. Jump again to return to the starting position. That’s it! It’s that simple. Why not try doing intense jumping jacks for a minute, and then switch to doing it slowly for the next two minutes.

This way you incorporate High-Intensity Interval Training in your workout.

Leg Circles

leg circles to get rid of thigh fat

This is one of those workouts that makes you feel like a kid again. Remember when we would just lie down and move around with our legs? This is exactly that. Leg Circles are easy and pretty common. These are simple pilates exercises done to reduce thigh fat in a steady manner. When you do this exercise, your muscles in the thigh area experience more pressure. This burns the fat at a quicker rate. So let’s see the steps. First, lay down on your back. Now slowly raise one of your legs. Make a 90-degree angle with the ceiling. Start making small circular motions with your toes, clockwise and counter-clockwise

Do 10 circles initially. Now switch to the other leg and repeat the same procedure. You just completed one set. Go on doing as many as you can. Remember, no pain, no gain.


squats exercise to reduce thigh fat

Listen, everybody hates doing squats. Especially because of the strain it puts on your muscles. But this pressure burns calories and gives you shapely legs, thighs and buttocks. I have written about squats in another article and how it is good for reducing butt fat. Even though every gym trainer swears by squats, so many people do them wrong. You need the right posture to gain all the benefits squats can provide. Squats are often mentioned as the king of exercises. They work so many of your muscles. Squats will burn a higher amount of calories at a steady rate. As a result, you end up burning more fat. Practicing squats on the regular will strengthen your calves, lower back, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Here is how to do it Let’s get going. Stand straight with your legs slightly apart. The distance between your feet should be equal to the distance between your shoulders. Look straight and extend your arms in front of you. Hold your abs tight and slowly squat down until your hips are below your knee level

Keep inhaling. Release and go back to your normal position. If you’re a beginner, start with just 5 squats. Experienced fitness enthusiasts can increase their challenge by holding weights. You can hold a kettlebell, or dumbbell while squatting. Just a word of caution… To prevent knee damage, never go lower than you can handle.

Forward Lunges

Lunges to get rid of thigh fat

This is a simple, yet very effective exercise. Not only are forward lunges a great exercise, they are also good for your metabolism. Lunges are a little more complicated than squats. But don’t get too stressed. They may be complicated, but are fun to do.

Trust me! The best part about this exercise is that it helps reduce those extra inches around your waistline. Let’s see how it’s done. First, stand straight with your feet together. Then keep your upper body straight, stepping forward with one leg and moving out until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Hold that position for a few seconds and pull back. Now do the same thing with the other leg. You have just completed one set. Start with 15 reps and increase that number gradually. Forward lunges are best done with dumbbells. Get high quality dumbbells with a strong grip.


step ups exercise

Nope, It is not about that hip-hop movie. Step-ups are a simple exercise to lose thigh fat and protect the health of your knees. You may choose to do this on stairs, a step machine, a sturdy bench or a simple chair.

So how do you do it? Start by taking a deep breath. Hop on and off the bench with your foot. That’s it! It’s really that easy. Start with 50 step-ups. Your goal is to reach 100 within a few days. For the best results, do this exercise with lunges and squats to give your muscles a boost. In order to keep them in shape, they need to be challenged.

Frog Jump

frog jumps to reduce thigh fat

This one is my favorite exercise. It’s silly, but effective. Frog jumps engage your quads, glutes and hip flexors. Tired of having to get jeans one size higher because they don’t fit properly on your thighs? Try frog jumping with the help of this step-by-step guide… Stand up straight with your feet at a shoulder-width apart. Your hands need to be in front of you. Squat all the way down to the ground. Hold on for a second or two.

Now hop forward like a frog does. When landing, absorb all that energy by bending your knees and passing it on to your hips. Aim to jump for 15 minutes non-stop. You will gradually increase the intensity with time.

Glute Kickbacks

Glute kickbacks

Another excellent recommendation for your glute muscles. The Glute kickback is a great exercise to tone your legs, lose thigh fat and build strength. This exercise helps develop and strengthen your glute muscles. Wondering what the fuss is about? Well, glute muscles are responsible for the stability of your pelvis and hip movements. Glute muscles ensure you have proper balance and are able to maintain the right posture. Let’s find out how to do this exercise. Start by getting down on all your fours with your hands right under your shoulders.

Be sure to keep your back straight and parallel to the floor. Kick your heal up towards the ceiling. Hold that right there, and return to your original position. Repeat with your other leg.

Running and Fast Walking

running to get rid of thigh fat

Just run! Run to lose weight. Run to get those dream thighs. Most professional runners, workout experts have great thighs. I promise you this is no coincidence. Indeed, there is no greater cardio exercise than running. It’s a wholesome exercise for your entire body. Running and fast walking tones and shapes your thighs. They increase your heart rate by making your body extract energy from stored fats. You can lose thigh fat by fast walking daily or running for a straight 30 to 45 minutes. Grab the running shoes you love and head out! Are you planning to include any of these exercises in your fitness routine? Are you trying to reduce your thigh fat? Let us know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!.

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