Feng Shui Brings Health and Wealth

Years ago I owned and managed a visitors’ memento store in Jamaica. When I went to buy the stock where the trader introduced the green frog which was doing very well in the market and encourage me to sell it These frogs boasted huge male sex organs and were of no interest to me. In the end he eventually persuaded me and I bought a few and just as he explained they went very fast.

I believed it was the extra-large external reproductive organ that caused them to go so quickly since there was not anything attractive, nothing really to like concerning these frogs. To be honest I found them gruesome. I wondered why they were green and not brown like the brown frogs we are familiar with in Jamaica.

A few days ago while searching online I came across an article which said green frog is one of the symbols used in Feng Shui to generate wealth. It stated that a green frog when placed near the entrance of the house as if guarding a dish of coins will attract wealth for that family. One can be deprived of his wealth through ignorance. So many tourists came eagerly buying up the frogs and there was I trying to make money and did not know the significance of these frogs. I simply believed tourists were attracted to the oversized male sex organs: none made me the wiser.

I write all this to explain the benefits Feng Shui can bring to homes and offices thus promoting, health, wealth and love into persons’ lives. According to Feng Shui practitioner, Amit Jain there are flows of invisible energies in the home that can create havoc on one’s health, personal and professional life upsetting areas of health, finances and happiness of all family members.

All around us we are overwhelmed with energy such as electricity, solar, electromagnetic, X-ray, natural and artificial light, sound, color, and geomagnetic energies. When in agreement and balanced energies can surely affect us positively just as they negatively affect us when they are out of balance and harmony.

It had been proven that energies that enter your home and office can improve or weaken the health depending on the way the house and furniture are aligned with the fundamental points of east south west and north. Feng Shui states that in order to get maximum health benefits the front door of buildings should face the east or the north Cardinal points.

In the event that a door faces another direction other than east or north; concave mirrors or life cards can right and correct the negative effects. One should get a Bagua and learn from this chart where the different sections of the house are aligned that represent the various aspects of one’s life such as knowledge, children, wealth and friends. Having this knowledge can certainly improve the standard of living. One of the first rules is to make sure that each of these areas in the home is free from clutter. The next rule is each direction on this chart is ruled by a natural element like wood, metal, fire, water, putting the wrong symbol in any of these areas will cause an opposing effect

According to Feng Shui practice a simple thing as a bad placement of a toilet can have a devastating effect on individuals. It must not go in the southeast, or northeast of your home or office it is not good as this is the area designated for wealth and health on the Bagua chart. Toilet seats must be kept closed to avoid the symbolic implication of fleshing out one’s health and wealth. A dripping faucet in those directions must be fixed immediately.

Your master bedroom, children’s room and servant’s room position in your home will indicate who really has the power in the house. Sometimes our children have so much power over us demanding and selfish, it is time to check out which direction their room is positioned in the home. The person who has the southwest position will be more settled and have more dominance.

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