General Health Medical Advice: Adopt Fitness and Posses Satisfaction

Fitness is related with your body, mind and nature. Excercise, balanced diet, good habits, medicines, meditation are five forefathers of a fit personality. It is very important to adopt the lifestyle according to your nature of work, available time and tendency to follow the schedule.


There are many ways to keep your body warm. Aerobics, athletics, swimming, yoga, are some popular ways. First of all, punctuality and continuity is the core of any successful work. So, while choosing the type of exerting you must check whether it suits your workload or not. A student can have two hours daily to excursive and is able to do heavy exertion too. Those who work, spend two three hours to reach there cannot give much time to this activity. Players are always exerting so they need meditative workout to follow. Housewives, senior citizens, patients, have lot sufficient time but they need step by step and gap wise training.

Yoga is a powerful way to keep fit. It empowers your body and minds both.

It also increases your capacity of rational thinking, decision making, and balances the emotional overflow. Sukhasana, dyanasana, padmasana, are three basic asanas of yoga. Asan means sitting positions.

Athletic skills are also good exercises. Jogging, running, walking, cycling, skipping prove very beneficial for weight shedders, players, performers like dancers, policemen, security officers, growing kids e.g. Those who need some pleasure mixed into workout may go for dance, aerobics, and swimming. Dance is the perfect excersize for women of all age group. In this performative skill all body parts are exerted simultaneously. And it gives the joy of innovation too. Concentration is developed through dancing. It enables balancing.

Swimming also gives a great joy and high rate of burning calories. If weight deduction is suggested, this is the best option. Back stroke, dive, butterfly are fundamental tasks in it but it has seasonal restrictions. In rainy season or even winter too swimming is not very practical.

Supplements advice is also inevitable part of your fitness. The need of calories depends on your daily exertion, nature of work, weight-height proportion, allergic nature, and medical case history. “Eat like a king in the morning and like a beggar in the evening is a famous saying. There is vast need of calories in the morning and we always neglect that. Having heavy breakfast like glass of milk, sprouts, boil eggs, cheese sandwiches, dry fruits etc.can provide you with sufficient power to be enthusiastic thought the day. Lunch should contain soups, vegetables, bread, rise etc. avoid to eat too much or too less in lunch. Fruits are stamina makers for our body. After lunch and in the evening instead of coffee or tea fruit juice or fresh fruits is the perfect choice. Seasonal fruits are the capacity to help your body to overcome through from seasonal side effects, and they are easily available too. So, you can have them without loosing your economy.


Few habits turn you in a fit and fine personality. Drinking plenty of water, keeping your meal timings punctually, use cycle for short distance, or to walk to nearby places use of medicinal herbs like green tea, mint-ginger etc are few adoptable habits. Not choosing junk food, fast food, opposite food (e.g. Fish and milk together) ( milkshakes) (buttermilk with groundnut oil) and no-smoking, restricted alcoholism, stress less lifestyle are few habits which ask you to give up less and wrong but return magical outcomes of long, healthy life.


There are two types of treatments. Curative and preventive. Curative are those witch are to mend the damages and preventive to avoid diseases. Frequent medical check ups help us to catch diseases in the primary stage. Then to have perfect medical advice on common condition and patient efforts to cure it are very necessary.

Preventive medicines help us to spend healthy life. Herbal medicines like aloe vera, lemon can help in this regard. But it is very necessary to consult your doctor before using this.


Sound mind is real force behind all splendid tasks. Give some quality time to yourself everyday. Meditation gives you decision making ability, concentrating ability, willpower and conscience. Prayers prove fruitful at the beginner level.

Listening to music, rejuvenating yourself by visiting hill stations or coastal areas, nature walks, hobbies like painting, tracking, and reading are also good stress busters. If you are adventurous by nature you may have sportive time at playground on weekends.


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