Health Is Wealth Through Personal Development

For busy executives or entrepreneurs who understand that health is wealth yet continually push themselves to the point of exhaustion by insisting on working fourteen-hour days, their success may be fleeting. This state of physical weakness can bring on illness, cause stress and hinder your progress.

Ignoring your health can actually create an atmosphere where you lose money because you are not physically or emotionally capable of keeping up the pace.

Of course, the goal is peak performance yet if your health suffers there’s no way you can actually work at an optimum level. There are many strategies you can utilize in your life to make sure everything including your health is in balance.

Remain Positive

First of all, beginning each day with a positive outlook and mindset is critical. Challenges and issues will come up on a daily basis if you are working with others. You must realize that not all your co-workers are on the “same page” as you and maybe uninterested or unaware of the importance of taking personal responsibility for not only your finances but your physical well-being.

Others may not even realize that being positive can actually change your body chemistry. Negative emotions such as anger, stress and frustration can bring on a myriad of illnesses. A positive attitude helps overcome obstacles and will give you a clearer picture of how you personally impact others.

Water Is The Miracle Liquid

This may sound like something your mother would tell you, but drinking enough water and keeping your body hydrated throughout the day is essential. Three Martini lunches don’t count. It’s good old H2O that keeps your brain functioning and your body healthy. Yes, a minimum of eight glasses per day or more is the magic number.

So many people do not understand how vital water is to our bodies and health. Never allow yourself to reach a point where you are so parched and thirsty you dash to the water cooler and down glass after glass until you feel bloated. Purchase a stainless steel personal water bottle (plastics leech chemicals) and keep it filled and drink at least a few cups every hour or when you think of it.

Get Out There and Exercise

Like most of us, exercise can seem like a complete nightmare. The thought of driving to a gym, changing your clothes, working out, showering, getting dressed again and driving home or back to work can be so daunting we may do it for a few weeks then quit.

Get up from your desk every hour and walk down the hall, up some stairs in your office building or take a walk during your lunch break and eat your lunch (something healthy) outdoors, taking a break from your walk to sit down on a bench and just relax before you begin the walk back to your office.

Exercise also creates endorphins that will help you work longer hours if necessary. Eating healthy, having a regular exercise routine is very important to the “balance” that was mentioned earlier. It not only gives you more stamina physically but mentally as well by helping you focus at work and make it through a busy schedule.

If you are not a “gym” kind of personality, find something you enjoy like biking, speed walking, jogging or swimming. Even going out dancing a few times per week is great exercise and you’ll have such it won’t seem like exercise at all.

Anything that exerts your cardiovascular system should be done at least three times per week. The other two days can be done in a gym or from your own home. With no equipment at all other than yourself, you can do sit-ups, push-ups, squats and lunges. There are lots of DVDs that bring a personal trainer right into your home and you can do the workouts right in your living room in front of your television.

The Internet is a huge resource for information on home workouts. YouTube is full of videos that can show you how to begin, from someone in not so great shape to the full-fledged workout junkie there is no end to what you can find to tailor your regimen specifically for your desires and physical level.

Get Healthy and Wealthy

What’s the point of being successful and financially fit if your body is unhealthy and you can’t enjoy what your success and money can bring? If you can travel to exotic locations and take fabulous vacations yet because your body is unfit and perhaps overweight, you sit in a chaise lounge watching everyone else have a fantastic time swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling while you sit in a big lump on a chair wishing you could join them.

Or let’s say you can afford to take your family and friends on a great ski vacation, renting a beautiful ski chalet and all you can do is sit inside by the fire while they all go off skiing for the day. Hey, at least you got to hear about all their fun when they get back. Not only do you diminish the opportunity to take part in all the activities, but you feel angry at yourself because you’ve allowed your body to become unhealthy.

But the most important thing you may not be considering is the fact that an unhealthy and unfit body will eventually begin to show signs of illness and greatly impact your life in ways that can make you very unhappy.

A fit and healthy body makes it much easier to become wealthy. Like it or not, people make first impressions by how they look and present themselves to others. If you are overweight and have medical challenges it can impact your business. When you meet potential clients or people who may be important connections, if you are so overweight or unhealthy they can tell right away and their opinion of you could be very negative.

Your lack of personal commitment to yourself by getting healthy can show them you may not be able to sustain the work or opportunity they were considering. So as hard as it may seem, if you just take the first step toward giving yourself the gift of good health it can bring you many rewards.

Most of the powerful and successful people in any industry are those who end up on stages giving motivational speeches in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Most of those I’ve seen are sharp-dressed, fit and exude an air of competence and success.

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